Together with other members of the Board, a Foundation Trustee is   legally responsible for all activities of the Foundation.


  • Establish long and short term goals
  • Determine, approve and monitor the programs, services, and activities
  • Ensure effective organization planning
  • Select the Director
  • Appoint committees for special activities
  • Confirm, modify, or reject proposals
  • Consider, debate, and decide issues
  • Approve Foundation budget
  • Review and approve financial plans
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Authorize and approve the audit
  • Evaluate the organization’s progress in meeting its goals
  • Review the performance of the Director
  • Assess the Board’s own performance


  • Serve on the Board for a three-year term, in accordance with the by-laws of the Foundation
  • Serve without compensation, although certain expenses are reimbursable
  • Sign non-conflict-of-interest agreement
  • Make personal monetary and/or in-kind donations to the Foundation
  • Use influence to raise funds and stimulate donations from other financial sources
  • Attend meetings (in-person or virtual), including the annual meeting, regular meetings, committee meetings, and emergency meetings.
  • Attend major functions and special events of the Foundation


  • Understand the activities and financial position of the Foundation
  • Give sponsorship and prestige to the Foundation and inspire confidence in its mission
  • Personally and enthusiastically support the purposes of the Foundation

Current Trustees

Terry Dolan - Director
Katie Schmidt -Financial Aid committee Chair
Kimberlee Barr-Moreira
Donna Drexel - Secretary
Mary Jane Baetz
Katherine Peterson - Treasurer
Linda Duval d'Adrian
Connie Dierks
Dusty Bechtel